Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why Timber Power Poles are Preferred over Steel Power Poles

Austin Agnew runs a restaurant in Burwood, Sydney. Close to his restaurant there is power pole that has obtained damages in a recent accident, so he wants to get the damaged power pole replaced by a new timber power pole and have it re-installed by a licensed Level 2 Electrician.

Why timber power pole is preferred by Austin?

Using timber power poles considerably assists protecting the environment and at the same time it saves power costs.

Furthermore, timber power poles are 50 percent cheaper compared to steel power poles and accounts for only 25% of the cost of concrete pole.

The major benefit of using timber pole is it lowers carbon footprint. When a tree is converted and made into a power pole, the carbon remains in the timber product.

The other notable fact is that timber uses much less energy during construction than any other substitute. It consumes eight times less energy to make a tonne of timber than it takes to make a tonne of steel.

Undoubtedly, there would be a continuous demand for timber poles in the future and it will keep on rising as the State’s electricity distribution network expands. 

Due to the many advantages Timber Power Pole has to offer, Austin is in favour of re-installing timber power pole as a replacement for the damaged power pole, which is located close to his restaurant. He will certainly take the services of a licensed and experienced Level 2 Electrician in Sydney for replacing the damaged power pole.

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