Thursday, 1 January 2015

Power Poles – How to Maintain Them

Not many of us worry abut electricity, we all have them in our homes. Yet, making electricity travel from one place to another is a big job for two reasons - without the right equipment, there can be substantial loss of electricity and two, there should possess no threat when transferring electricity from one place to another. This is where a power pole comes into use.

Power Poles Sydney

What is a power pole?
While going on weekend trips we often find those ubiquitous iron or wood columns in busy locations with lots of wires dangling from them. These are the electric power poles which supply electricity to each and every corner of the country. They are made strong and sturdy so that they can withstand the vagaries of nature. Apart from being used to carry the power to individual homes, these long beams of wood or galvanised steel are also used on a temporary basis in commercial sites or construction sites. Sometimes the traditional single tall structure is also replaced by A shaped poles for more stability and longevity.

Maintaining power poles
In this article, we intend to educate you regarding the maintenance procedures of power poles. They are built on a strong foundation and are of robust structure, but still, they also suffer damage sometimes due to natural or due to human activities. Besides natural calamities such as cyclones and earthquakes, human incidents such as a car crash, collision or riots may also inflict significant damage to the power pole. So it is also extremely important to know when to call for power pole repairs.

As a consequence of the aforementioned causes, power poles get damaged and pose a serious hazard for all activities around itself. In case the damage is so heavy that the pole might collapse, it poses life threat for the people around who may be injured or killed due to the debris. However, faulty deteriorated poles can prove fatal as well. They may inflict extremely high voltage current to people coming in contact instantly killing them or may even lead to fires. Any unchecked damage may thus prove fatal for all passersby.

In the case any such damage is visible, you should contact the electricity department to come and disconnect the power or contact a Level 2 Electrician Sydney. The damage will then be assessed by the officials, and necessary repairmen and contractors will be contacted to carry out the repair work. However, an important thing to be noted is that under no circumstances should any untrained person be allowed to cut the power. Also, in case of fire, it is extremely important that the water is not used to try and douse the fire. It will have far reaching consequences and may be lethal for many.

So, it is important to be vigilant and keep an eye on the power poles on a regular basis. Just a regular visual examination will suffice. In the case of any visible damage it will be most appropriate to contact the electricity department.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Electrical Metering Services Facts That You Need to Know

Electric meters are fitted in commercial as well as domestic establishments, to keep a tab on the amount of electricity used. As per the kind of establishment and the load of that particular establishment, the single phase or two phases or a 3 phase metering service is installed. The bill is generated by calculating the net usage of electricity over a cycle of a specified period. The main unit of measurement is Kwh.

Single Phase: Cost effective and widely used in residential establishments. They are used in areas with low demand and if the residence has many electrical appliances such as multiple ACs then a 2 phase or three phase metering system are needed.

Three Phase: When the same load is supplied by three different supplied the system is called a three phase metering service. It is mostly used in high demand areas such as commercial establishments or large residences. Unlike the previous types of single and two phase, three phase is a significant development as all the three voltages are completely in equilibrium.

Solar - Gross, Net, Sun Power: Apart from the regular kind of meters which we all know about solar power uses a different technology. Upgrading your meter would mean you can check the amount of solar power that is fed into the grid.

Off-Peak Time of use: Generally, demand for electricity falls between 11 pm and 7 am. This is because of the reduction in activities significantly. To encourage people to utilise this time power companies offer discounts and special offers during this period. Since, most people are asleep during that time of the night it is generally utilised by charging all the appliances. That helps save lots of money on electric bills and also keeps consumption levels from falling drastically. So it is a win-win situation for both the consumer as well as the power supplier.

How you judiciously use off-peak electricity will depend on the kind of meter you have at home. Here is a look at some of the things that you need to consider.
  • Single meters have a uniform rate and do not have such discounts on offer. As matter of fact there is nothing called Off-Peak time rates in case of single meters
  • There are types of meters called Interval Meters which measure the electricity consumed at peak time, off-peak time as well as shoulder rates.
  • Two rate meters are programmed to maintain just two records. They measure the electricity consumed in peak time and during off-peak time.
  • Off peak or Controlled metering devices use a uniform rate for all the appliances in your house apart from one. For example, a hot water service which consumes power only at off-peak hours and is kept out of this meter as it is charged at off-peak hour rates.
Electric metering is a concept that’s gained a lot of prominences today. If you are from Sydney, always look out for a level 2 service provider Sydney. A level 2 electrician will know all about the electrical works and will help you to solve your problems efficiently. Looking for a level 2 electrician also ensures your safety.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

When You Need Certified Level 2 Service Provider?

Be it at our homes or workplaces, we all need electric energy to perform all sorts of work. We operate several electrical appliances to complete domestic chores as well as require the assistance of electrical gadgets to complete official tasks. Have you ever wondered from where this electric energy comes to our homes and offices? Through many complex underground and overhead wiring and with the help of power poles, the electric energy reaches our homes and offices from the main electricity power plant/ power station.

To facilitate easy connectivity of this electric power into our homes and offices, we mainly depend on certified level 2 service providers. These major electric installations need to be dealt with extreme caution and need specialized training and expertise, and level 2 certified electricians are equipped to handle this type of works. Typically, a certified level 2 service provider offers the following complex electrical services.

Level 2 Service Provider in Sydney
  • Electrical work requiring overhead and underground wiring or installation.
  • They work on main electricity Power Poles and Aerials.
  • They facilitate to provide temporary electricity supply to the building that’s under construction or newly built.
  • They are quite capable to handle all three-phase upgrades.
  • They can work with disconnects and reconnects.
  • They can perform all types of switchboard upgrades.
  • Do you want to carry out defect repairs? They can handle it as well.

You can give a call to a certified level 2 electrician when you need assistance with any of the above mentioned major electrical installations/ cabling requirements or upgrades; and be rest assured that your job will be done to perfection.

Make Sure You Call the Right People to do the Job

You need to make sure that you are calling the right Level 2 Service Provider. You need to verify their credentials as below:

  • Do they have a valid Electrical Contractor’s License?
  • Do they have License as an Authorized Service Provider?

This check will ensure that you are dealing with the right people.

Keep the Telephone Numbers Handy with You

You never know when an electrical emergency would come up. So, when you have found out one such reliable Level 2 Service Provider, it makes sense to keep their contact numbers saved in your mobile or note their contact numbers in your personal pocket dairy, so that when a sudden electrical emergency arises, you can immediately call them and have the problem fixed.

Hope this bit of information has helped you to understand the importance of level 2 electricians and when you need to call them.