Sunday, 16 September 2012

Situations That Require Emergency Electrician

From power generating plants to consumers, electric current travels long distances before reaching our homes, factories and other places. Separate circuits in the home supply different voltages for different purposes. An electrical appliance takes power from the circuits through a plug that fits into a wall socket. The sockets are linked to the ground outside by an earth wire. If an electrical fault occurs, the current is delivered safely into the ground.

In spite of all safety measures, accidents do happen. For all its benefits, electricity is a dangerous thing if not handled properly.  Accidents may happen due to various reasons, both natural and man made. If you live in big cities like Sydney, the following emergencies may require you to call Level 2 Electrician (an individual or firm licensed to carry out electrical repairs and maintenance in Australia).

•    Faulty or damaged wiring: If wires and cables are not properly laid at the house construction stage, a failure in electrical circuit may occur. Electricity travels along the wrong route because of damaged or a fault in the connections between the wires.

•    Overload: If the sanctioned power load in your home is single phase (or under 5 kWh) but you are using a number of high voltage equipment like air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, etc, the power may trip frequently.

•    Obsolete system: Using old technology like fuses instead of circuit breakers or not installing ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker) can result in damaged equipment.

•    Negligence: Forgetting to switch off things like electric iron, hot plate or oven can result in serious accidents like fires.

Then there are natural causes such as dampness in building, rains, fires, earthquakes and storms that have a potential of causing accidents. In all such Emergency Electrician in Sydney, you need to call Level 2 Electrician immediately to repair or restore the power supply.


  1. In case of environmental changes or natural calamities like rains, earthquakes or any other kind of accidents in Sydney, immediately call authorized level 2 electrician who are well trained for handling such kind of emergency and provides a professional service.

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