Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get Power Poles Replaced before a Tragedy Strikes

Electrical power poles are the ubiquitous structures we see all around in cities and rural areas. These strong pillars are vehicles of high tension electric power that is ultimately distributed to individual properties. Apart from public distribution of power, other uses include temporary poles erected for builders and lightning poles in private properties, especially commercial ones. Types of Power Poles include those made from timber and galvanised steel as well as ‘A’ poles.

Here I want to tell about the safety measures connected with power poles and why it is necessary to call for Power Pole replacement. Despite standing on strong foundations and their seeming durability, power poles sometimes get damaged due to a number of reasons – human and natural – vehicular accidents, riots and arson, strong winds, storms and earthquakes, and the deterioration owing to effects of weather.

At such times, Power Poles are perhaps the most dangerous things on the earth. Tragedy never comes by asking. The damaged, defective or deteriorated poles have the potential to inflict high voltage deadly current and to start fires. The first thing a person must do is to call the electricity supplier to cut the power. The supplier will then assess the damage and call their contractors for repairs and /or power pole replacement.

I think if one is cautious, lots of lives and damage to properties could be saved. Whenever or wherever you see a bent, broken, corroded and faulty power pole or hanging overhead wires, it’s time to call the nearest electrical company or service provider for immediate repairs or even Power Pole Replacement. I think there is no need to tell that prevention is better than cure.

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